About Us

Embrace was set up by two Christian women in response to the emotional pain they witnessed amongst groups of vulnerable women in Coventry. Whilst the work of Embrace has a current focus on women in prostitution it has always been the intention to reach women from all walks of life.

Our remit is to work with women who are disadvantaged or marginalised by circumstance and background, many of whom will also struggle with life controlling issues.

Our aims are to:

We do this by:

Ethos & values

Our ethos is an expression of who we are and we seek to demonstrate it through our attitude towards one another and those we serve. We are motivated and inspired by the life, message and example of Christ, which shapes and guides our relationships, projects and working practice. We aim to reflect a Christ- like attitude to those around us and our faith in Him becomes the lens through which we assess all we do.

Our activities are a practical outworking of our faith and it is our faith that gives meaning to our values. These are: